Set Net Fishing International Exchange Projects



Set net fishing has received worldwide attention as an environmentally friendly and sustainable fishing method. Beginning with the International Set Net Fishing Summit in Himi, Himi City has promoted a variety of international exchange and local revitalization projects with Set Net Fishing (which was originally developed in Himi) as a theme.

The objectives of these projects are:

To facilitate international cooperation by providing technical guidance and disseminating information to developing countries. 


Contributions have been made to promote conservation, improved management, and sustainable use.

To cultivate a global mindset as well as foster Himi City pride in our citizens.

To revitalize the local community by energizing the fishing industry.


To promote study of set net fishing structure and its history.

5. To promote cultural exchange with foreign countries relating to seafood and the usage of fish in cuisine.

Implementation of the Set Net Training Program



Implemented an international set net training program and invited 5 trainees from China and Costa Rica.


Held a Set Net Symposium for Toyama prefectural residents.


These activities were subsidized by CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations).



Overseas Technical Assistance Project in Costa Rica

Himi City organized the Himi Set Net International Exchange Mission and went to Costa Rica. The mission had 23 members, including fishery experts and vocational high school students studying industrial fishing.


Set Net Forum

Himi City launched a nationwide Set Net Forum, the first of its kind in Japan.
Participants were fishermen and related experts gathered from all over Japan. This forum was broadcast on the national television network
NHK as part of the Kinyō Fōramu (Friday Forum) program.


These activities were subsidized by the Japanese Fisheries Agency, JICA and CLAIR.



The International Set Net Fishing Summit in Himi

A summit where administrative officials, researchers and representatives of fishery associations from 35 countries took part over a 5 day period. They discussed the shape industrial fishing must take in the global society of the 21st Century and international partnership through set net fishing.


Panel discussion

The end product was the adoption of "The International Set Net Fishing Summit in Himi Declaration". The Declaration called for the protection of marine resources, improvement of set net fishing techniques and nurturing human resources through international exchange and cooperation, and the dissemination of set net fishing techniques.




These activities were subsidized by Japanese Fisheries Agency, Toyama prefecture, CLAIR, JICA, etc.

Partnership with The JICA Training Program

Himi City has been accepting JICA overseas trainees in the field of fishing industry every year since FY2003.
(94 trainees from 61 countries total between 2003 and 2007.)


Tour of Himi fish market

Partnership with the SEAFDEC

Himi City was honored have the participation of a delegation from SEAFDEC (Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center) in the International Set Net Fishing Summit.
After the summit in 2003,
SEAFDEC asked Himi City to provide technical guidance in Thailand in order to introduce a set net fishing project there. Himi City accepted the request from SEAFDEC and partnered in sending fishing industry experts to Thailand from 2003 to 2004.


Set net operation

The JICA Partnership Project in Thailand

Although the project for SEAFDEC officially ended in FY2004, there was still significant technical support necessary to fully establish the project in Thailand. Himi City was then recognized by JICA as the project leader as part of the
JICA Grassroots Partnership Program
(Technical Cooperation Project for the Resource Management Style Coastal Fishery), and continued to provide technical support for an additional three years from
FY2005 to FY2007


Project counterpart: Eastern Marine Fisheries Research and Development Center (EMDEC)


Period: 3 years between FY2005 and FY2007


Total project cost: Approximately 15 million yen


Project content:


Training in Himi for Thai fishermen.


Technical guidance in Thailand sending fishery experts from Himi.


Provision of fishing gear including donations by Himi fishermen.



Conducted training in Himi for Thai fishermen (In April, 3 trainees)


Sent fishery experts from Himi to provide technical guidance in Thailand (twice, in September and December, 6 people total)




Conducted training in Himi for Thai fishermen (In April, 3 trainees)


Sent fishing industry experts from Himi to provide technical guidance in Thailand (in September and December, 6 people in total)


Organized Himi City Fishery Mission to Thailand. (From September 30th to October 7th )


The mission had 14 members, including the Himi City mayor, a member of the Himi International Exchange Association, fishery experts, local media, etc.

Objectives of the Visit to Thailand


To visit the Thai authorities concerned, in order to promote a better understanding of the set net project and to publicize the project nationwide in Thailand.


Locations visited included the Department of Fisheries, and Ban Phe City in Rayong province


To hold an international seminar in order to disseminate environmentally friendly set net techniques to participating Southeast Asian countries.


International seminar


Participants were SEAFDEC trainees from Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia.


To conduct a courtesy call on the main authorities in charge of the set net project.

Locations visited included SEAFDEC, the Japanese embassy in Thailand, the JICA office in Thailand, and EMDEC.


To observe the activities of fishery experts on the ocean and provide encouragement.

Main activities were installing a second set net and hauling it in.


Objective of the Visit to Indonesia

Indonesia had already requested that Himi City send a fishing industry expert. The purpose of the visit was to attempt to grasp the current situation of the fishing industry in Indonesia with the intent of introducing set net fishing in the future.


Locations visited included the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the Japanese Embassy, and the JICA office in Indonesia


Held an International Seminar in Thailand from 3rd October to 5th October.
(There were a total of 111 participants from 10 countries, the Thailand Department of Fisheries, the Japanese Embassy to Thailand, people concerned with the fishing industry, and so on.)



Conducted training in Himi for Thai fishermen (In April, 3 trainees)


Invited the governor of Rayong province and the mayor of Ban Phe city to Himi (In April, 32 people)


Rayong and Ban Phe observers


Guests observed set net operation on the ocean, Himi Fishing Port facilities and fish processing facilities. They also interacted with Kaiho elementary school students.


In FY2006, Himi city sent a group to Thailand and held a set net fishing seminar there. As a result, Set Net fishing technology and its characteristics gained some understanding from relevant authorities in Rayong province and Ban Phe City. Thereafter, in order to gain a deeper understanding of set nets from the officials through on-site investigation, and to further establish set net fishing in Thailand, Himi City invited the governor of Rayong province and the mayor of Ban Pee city to visit Himi.]


Sent fishery experts from Himi to provide technical guidance in Thailand (In September, 3 people)


As this was to be the last visit to Thailand since work began in 2005, fishery experts conducted a final inspection of the nets and provided technical guidance (In December, 4 people)

Conducted a courtesy call on relevant authorities. Locations visited included the Thailand Department of Fisheries, Rayong province, and Ban Phe City.


Set net operation


Set net fishing in Rayong



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