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A Little About Himi...

KittoThank you for visiting the Himi City webpage! Himi City is a small town in western Toyama prefecture, Japan. We are famous for some of the freshest,tastiest fish and shellfish in Japan, and our view of the Tateyama Mountain Range seems to float over Toyama Bay. That's not all we have to offer though! We are proud to call ourselves the "Food Capital" (see our Festivals page) offering a wide variety of delicacies sure to satisfy any gourmet. From award-winning Himi beef to our fresh fruits (try our blueberries!) and vegetables, and of course our famous seafood, you're guaranteed to eat well here.

     Himi also houses a great many onsen, many of which are located inside Ryokan or Minshuku (a Japanese bed and breakfast). When you're done indulging in Himi's edible delights you can head for a soak in the refreshing natural mineral waters of an onsen, the perfect way to relax after a busy day of sightseeing.

     Our out-of-the-way location has left many of the traditions handed down for hundreds of years intact, and we are said to have the most active Lion Dancing tradition in the prefecture. We also have a sake brewery and kimono workshop open for touring and a crafts workshop where crafts people from a variety of specialties come to practice both traditional and modern crafts.

     If you came here to see skyscrapers or a busy metropolis you probably took the wrong train. But if gorgeous coastline, enormous trees, and beautiful views of the mountains interest you, you've come to the right place. We may be a little bit off the beaten track, but we're well worth the visit, so stop by and see the Japan you've been missing!

-Himi City Planning and Public Relations Office

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Toyama Prefecture, Himi City, Kurakawa, 1060
TEL: 0766-74-8013